As a leader in a changing world, you seek to build trust, reliability and credibility to be heard and understood by your current clients, employees, partners, and also by “the world”.

It’s now more important than ever to focus your reputation & engagement efforts on trust & value : that’s the overlap between what matters to you, and what matters to everyone else.

We want to help you to see your circumstances more clearly: what do you stand for, what is your environment like, who needs you today more than yesterday, who do you need now more than before, what barriers do you need to overcome to achieve your ambitions?

Campaigning on a low budget

“Art” has a knack for drawing attention, whether you love or hate it – a bit like Marmite possibly. Everyone can remember something a bit shocking to do with art whether humans in formaldehyde, or toilets covered in gold, or self-shredding paintings, maybe… Recently a group of artivists called Unbewitching Finance organised live performances of…

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Bryony Ulyett

A Consultant, Coach, Trainer, Writer, Podcaster for companies of all sizes, on corporate communications, employee engagement and sustainable business development.

“Born and raised in France, I have always functioned in both French and in English. I studied two different legal systems at the Sorbonne in Paris and King’s College London before my Master’s at Paris CELSA where I learned the art of European Public Relations. I then trained as a Coach, with NLP and Hypnotherapy in Aviemore (Scotland) and Lille (France). For me it’s always been about using the impact, beauty, rythm, dimensions, shapes and sounds of words to promote understanding, and create lasting, meaningful connections.”